Adrian Bigler

lic. iur., Attorney-at-Law since 2011, Mediator SAV, Attorney-at-Law since 2011

Adrian Bigler is a committed lawyer who views the individual person in its entirety, together with its history, as it seeks justice as his client. It is this person who deserves his full commitment.

Your contact for criminal law and commercial criminal law, criminal procedural law (especially pre-trial confinement), as well as general contract law, tenancy law, employment law, commercial and business law, civil procedural law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, family law, inheritance law as well as mediation and more.

Advice as well as litigation and representation before all courts and authorities. Standing for membership on board of directors upon request.


  • Zurich and Swiss Bar Associations ZAV and SAV
  • Professional Groups for Criminal Defence, for Landlord and Tenant Law, for Labour Law, for Family Law and for Mediation
  • Pikett Strafverteidigung
  • Schweizerische Kriminalistische Gesellschaft SKG
  • Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. WisteV

German, English and French