Markus J. Meier

MLaw, Attorney-at-Law since 2018, Attorney-at-Law since 2018

Markus Meier will serve you in a committed and passionate manner. Your needs are the focus of his attention. He enforces your claims and keeps the proverbial “cool head”, even in precarious situations, with bite and expressiveness.

Primarily active in all areas of criminal law (criminal law, road traffic law, administrative criminal law, economic criminal law and criminal procedural law) as well as in migration law. He also advises and supports you in the areas of labour law and family law.

He regularly issues publications in his areas of expertise, and he lectures on selected topics and is a guest speaker at both the University of Zurich (Military Criminal Law/Military Criminal Procedure Law) and the ETH Zurich/MILAK (Disciplinary Criminal Law).

In addition to his professional activities, he holds the rank of a Major in the Swiss military justice system, where he exercises the function of a military prosecutor (auditor) and is active as a training officer. He heads a military section of investigative judges and is deputy chief of the Professional Group for Military Justice Air Force. He conducts military criminal proceedings as an extraordinary investigative judge.


  • Zurich and Swiss Bar Associations ZAV and SAV
  • Professional Group for Criminal Law
  • Forum Strafverteidigung
  • Pikett Strafverteidigung
  • Swiss and Zurich Lawyers’ Associations SJV and ZJV
  • Swiss Criminal Law Society SKG
  • Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. WisteV
  • Ius Alumni of the University of Zurich.

German, English and French