Roman Wyrsch

MLaw, Attorney-at-Law since 2011, Mediator SAV, Specialist Attorney SAV Construction and Real Estate Law

Attorney-at-Law in the entire field of construction and real estate law, incl. tenancy law; with assertiveness and clout, target-oriented, effective and responsible. He is fully committed to your rights and provides you with carefree housing and living conditions.

Your contact for building law:

  • Public building law incl. building permit and building appeal procedures
  • Private building law incl. contracts for work, architect and general contractor contracts and estate/apartment purchase contracts; tenancy law, condominium ownership law, easements law and neighbourship law

He also has a long-standing foothold in criminal law, road traffic law and other areas.

Advice as well as litigation and representation before all courts and authorities. Standing for membership on board of directors upon request.


  • Zurich and Swiss Bar Associations ZAV and SAV
  • Chamber of Specialized Attorneys SAV Construction and Real Estate Law
  • Pikett Strafverteidigung
  • Swiss Criminalistic Society SKG

German, English and French